Programming a Blinky Light

This example contains the bare minimum of code you need for a Modkit Micro program to compile.

Hardware required

Arduino Board


None. Most Arduino boards already have an LED attached to pin 13 on the board itself.


The program below turns on the built in LED on the Arduino board.

1. In the Hardware section, drag and drop a LED block. Choose pin 13.

2. In the Blocks section, drag and drop the ‘setLED’ block from ‘Output’.

Note: if possible, assign pins in the Hardware section rather than the Blocks section (e.g. LED, button, knob, speaker, servo, rgb, motor, LCD screen). You’ll get new blocks––like the ‘setLED’ block––that you can use to program these peripherals.

Next Step

Add a forever block. The forever block loops continuously, allowing your program to change and respond as it runs. Add blocks inside the forever block.

The code below makes the LED blink on and off every second.
Updated 52 months ago