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FAQ about Modkit

What is Modkit?

Modkit is a web-based, drag-and-drop programming environment for real-world devices. It's intended to make it easier for artists, designers, educations, children, and non-programmers to make interactive electronic projects.

What do you mean by graphical programming environment?

We mean software that lets you program using visual blocks. In traditional programming, you write each line of code in a specific programming language. Each language has its own set of nuances. Modkit removes some of these messy details and lets you program by  simply adding and moving around blocks instead.

What do you mean by drag-and-drop software?

Modkit provides code blocks that you drag and drop into a workspace. You move the blocks into different combinations and upload the resulting program onto your hardware.

What are microcontrollers?

Think about computers in their simplest form: they processes information, come in some sort of packaging, and can interact with other things. Microcontrollers are just that and they are used to add behavior to physical things.

What is the difference between software, hardware and firmware?

Software is the part of computers that you can’t touch with your hands. It’s the lines of code you’ve written, or in the case of Modkit, assembled together to tell something what to do. Hardware, on the other hand, refers to the physical parts, while firmware is somewhere in between. Firmware is the software that comes installed on a physical device.

What is the difference between Modkit, Modkit Micro, and Modkit for VEX?

Modkit is our company and we currently have two products: Modkit Micro and Modkit for VEX. Modkit Micro lets you program microcontrollers; whereas, Modkit for VEX lets you program your VEX IQ robot.

How can I get a VEX IQ kit?

You can get it directly from our friends at VEX IQ. Visit their product page here.

What types of projects can I do with Modkit?

If you’re new to Modkit, get started with our examples here. Otherwise, check out projects to get you hacking here.

Updated 50 months ago