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Soft Circuits Resources

If you don't already have the books, the following have great projects to get you started with Soft Circuits, Modkit and the Arduino Lilypad

Getting Started with Modkit

Installation instructions:
  1. Connect the LilyPad to the FTDI adapter, and then to the USB cord, but do not attach the board to the computer yet
  2. Download the Modkit file, it will be a zip file. Unzip it onto the Desktop
  3. Click on the Modkit icon to launch Modkit
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, select the LilyPad Simple board from the list of boards listed
  5. Modkit will tell you exactly when to attach the board
  1. If the LilyPad does not recognize the board, do the following
  2. Quit Modkit (and detach the board)
  3. Download the driver and install the driver:
  4. If the board is still not recognized, do the following
    • Quit Modkit
    • Restart Modkit and repeat the steps
    • Last, if it is still not working, restart the computer and try again

Check out the guides below for Modkit Program Examples

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