Modkit for VEX iPad App - Remote Link Troubleshooting

Apple Bonjour

In order for iOS device’s to be able to discover your Remote Link, Modkit Link uses Apple Bonjour. This software comes preinstalled on the Mac operating system but must be installed manually on Windows machines. Please see the PLTW installation instructions for more info.

Firewall Settings

The following ports/protocols must be open for Remote Link to operate: 5353 UDP (Bonjour) and 3000 – 3025 TCP (Modkit Link)

Enabling Remote Link

Modkit Link runs minimized in the Windows notification area (task bar) or the Mac menu bar. Click the “m” icon to show Modkit Link’s menu and then click to enable Remote Link. On Windows, the “m” icon will sometimes be hidden so you may have to click an arrow to see it.

Checking For Link Connections

Once you’ve enabled Remote Link, you can use a utility to browse for it on the same, as well as different computers. Being able to find your Modkit Link instance on another computer (on the same wifi network) ensures that the iPads will be able to see it as well.

On Windows, download and unzip the Modkit Link Remote Test package:

Then double click and run modkit_link_test.exe. On Mac OSX the test utility is already installed. Simply open a terminal window and type: dns-sd -B _modkitlink

You should see an entry for each Modkit Link instance that has Remote Link enabled and may see a duplicate entry for the loopback interface ( when browsing from the same computer. If you do not see any entries on the computer Link is running on, you may need to reinstall bonjour. If you do see the entry on the same computer, but not a remote computer, you may need to check your firewall settings.
Updated 44 months ago